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  • Produce the required Disinfectant yourself by using only salt.
  • Kills 99.9 percent germs
  • Simple to Use : Put Water and Salt into The Bottle, Plug the Power Cable into The USB Terminal, Turn on The Switch with One Click, And Complete the Production of Electrolyzed Water In 8 Minutes.
  • Homemade Disinfectant : Eco-friendly, Harmless, Non-Pungent
  • Save on the regular purchase of Floor cleaners, Bathroom sanitizers and water disinfectant.
  • For kitchen surface, floors, school, salons, offices and clinics.
  • Package contains : 4 Nos Marble Wooden Tea Coasters, Material : Marble and Wood, Size :Standard, Color: Black and Brown
  • Extra protective 10 mm thick, the natural stone coasters are heavy-duty and Felt at Bottom to protect your tabletops.
  • Use outdoors and indoors Perfect for the patio , home parties , cocktail parties. Won’t be damaged by water or sun exposure.
  • This is a product designed emotionally made by rural artist as a skilled ARTISAN CRAFTSMANSHIP. A very appealing Eye catching, ethnic, Antique traditional style master piece .All are Handmade so some imperfection might occur
  • POWERFUL and Strong suction from high-speed centrifugal fan. 3V working Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) for LONG TERM USE, This mini vacuum cleaner delivers 12,000 RPMs of suction and works on hard and upholstered surfaces.
  • Broad application: Perfect multi-functional cleaner for cleaning dust of desktop,laptop, keyboard, cigarette ash, bread crumbs or paper scraps ,eraser crushing crumbs on desk, pets hairs, makeup powder,crumbs on carpet, rug, sofa, bench, ect. Convenient to use at schools, offices, homes or cars.
  • A larger cleaning area with a diameter of 60mm(23.6″) and a nylon brush for secondary cleaning at the bottom provides you a messless life and convenient comfortable cleaning experience. Mini size for easy packaging and carrying. Great as a gift for kids at school, colleagues in office, People who do cleaning work at home.
  • Specifications: Type: Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner Size: 80*60mm/3.15*2.36 Rated Voltage: 3V (2 AA batteries not included) Working Time: ≤10 minutes Brush Height: 4±0.8mm Brush Material: Nylon Compatibility: All Compatible Strainer: Hot Resistant Cloth and PP Feature: Clean desktop and keyboard
  • Using Steps:Hold the fuselage cover, turn right and then lift, to open the lid and place the battery. According to the positive and negative battery compartment mark, install the 2 AA batteries correctly, and then buckle the lid, turn left, the battery is installed.
  • Cover: PU
  • Paper: 80 Gsm
  • No. Of Sheets: 80
  • Color: Grey / Red / Black
  • Notebook  Cover: PU
  • Paper: 80 Gsm
  • No. Of Sheets: 80
  • Color: Brown & Blue / Blue & Black
  • Notebook  Cover: PU
  • Paper: 80 Gsm
  • No. Of Sheets: 96
  • Color: Olive Green / Dark Green
  • Notebook  Cover: PU
  • Paper: 80 Gsm  No. Of Sheets: 80
  • Fragrance: Coffee / Vanilla / Jasmine
  • Product: Notebook
  • Cover: PU
  • Paper: 80 Gsm
  •  No. Of Sheets: 80
  • Color: Brown / Black

Product: Notebook

Cover: PU

Paper: 80 Gsm

No. Of Sheets: 80

Color: Dark Grey / Black

  • Cover: PU
  • Paper: 100 Gsm
  • No. Of Sheets: 96
  • Color: Black
  •  Dispenser Capacity : 80ml
  • Stay clean and germ free at your desk
  • Sanitize and stay safe
  • For smartphone, face mask, toothbrush, underpants, jewelry, makeup brushes, watches, keys, earphones, and other small items.
  • Material : Plastic Electronic Components
  • Color : White
  • Package Includes : 1 X UV Phone Sterilizer, 1 X USB Charging Cable, 1 X Manual Instruction
  • Put the item into the chamber of the multi functional sterilizer and press the disinfection key. The disinfection completes in three minutes.

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